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We have said elsewhere that this is a site for serious practitioners.
This is truly said without any elitism or pride because we hope to approach our
work with a level of humility.
But we have to confess that we are proud of the way that we produce items of magical paraphernalia. We do this with a true intent - by this we mean that we do not cut corners, that we are responsible in the way that we gather materials and that we remain true to our beliefs and the beliefs of our customers. We are a small group of artisans and craftspersons who have joined together with the common aim of producing and promoting our wares.
There is a rumour that Rhadmos was founded by the reclusive artist Vernon Kaplick. This is true in part in that Kaplick is closely associated with our day to day activities and has had a great deal of influence in the way that our work looks.
Kaplick joined our small group in the late 1980's. He did give us our name - this was discovered during a Pathworking Retreat- and he was instrumental in organising us into a coherent entity. Kaplick remains a driving force behind our endeavours.
However, it is a fact that individually we have made wands and staves for over thirty five years. During that time we have honed our skills and gained a greater understanding of the subtleties of Magic and its practice.
Our small group is made up of personalities from a range of disciplines ranging from Wicca in many of its manifestations, Hedge Magic, Ritual Magic and on through to Tibetan Practices and Reiki.

Whilst we are very serious about what we do, we foster no elitist notions about the community of magical practitioners. We believe as a group that our magical community is too fragmented for its own good. From our perspective the different Traditions should co-operate and work together, exchanging lore and experience, otherwise the Craft will decline and become just another folk tale. To this end we try to address the needs of all aspects of the community - but we are not wholly selfless. We believe in the concept of energy exchange and require suitable recompense for our labours. A very simple wand can take many hours to complete (- imagine if we charged the same hourly rate as your local service garage or plumber!)
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We believe that as we move into the twenty first century we should be firm in our beliefs which have been nurtured over the centuries. Magic in our understanding is a vibrant and powerful means to expand the Human consciousness. Magic honours nature and the human spirit. Magic flows through our present and links us to our ancient past. Magic can be the future - but it is up to individual practitioners to work toward that future. We, in our small way, are trying to do just this.
My name is Rospro. I am happy to answer any questions about what we do and how we do it; and to discuss any of the above.
Please feel free to contact me via our "Contact Us" page.
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