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Bindrune being applied to a wishbox
Removing the bark from a length of holly using
a traditional flint scraper.

A true intent
- by this we mean that we do not cut corners, that we do not compromise, that we are responsible in the way that we gather materials and that we remain true to our beliefs and the beliefs of our customers. We will observe any rituals or ceremonials that are relevant to our work.
We believe that objects have power, and that power derives from the object's provenance. For us this is true whether we are considering a wand, a wishbox or a pebble. You do not have to believe in Magic, Earth Energy, Ki, Chi, Prana or any of the other names for the intangible source; but you do have to believe in the object.

What we believe is that, knowing that you can trust the way that, for instance, a wand is created, enables you to employ it in ceremony or ritual without the background worry that what you are holding in your hand is a sham.

We do not produce reproductions or toys or props for TV shows. These are all available on the internet at a variety of sites.

All who are involved in Rhadmos are magical practitioners from a variety of disciplines. We are not cynical. We believe passionately in what we are doing and want to pass on our conviction to others.
My name is Rospro. I am happy to answer any questions about what we do and how we do it; and to discuss any of the above.
Please feel free to contact me via our "Contact Us" page.
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