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- have their roots in Hermetic magic but can also be found in various guises in Wicca, Vodoun and Ritual Magic.

They may be employed as talismans for empowerment, amulets for protection or simple charms for luck. A Wishbox can be presented to another as a gesture of goodwill or as a wish for good fortune or health.


A Wishbox usually measures 1.25 inches high and wide by 1.125 inches deep.
(33 x 33 x 28.5 mm).
The construction is paper maché over a fibreboard base.
Photoof unfinished wishbox
Photo:Brian Pickford
Inside the box the inner walls are lined with printed amulets and mantras.
Here a cantrip for well-wishing is written out in Anglo Saxon Runes.
Depending on the intended use, certain herbs may be added. Other relevant natural materials are employed to enforce the intent. These may be stones, crystals or woods. Occasionally we will use semi-precious stones or pearls to reinforce the intent.
A few man-made items may be used; such as bells and/or baubles (cheap inconsequential jewels or decorations). Special boxes may contain an objet trouvée such as "found silver" which by its nature is quite rare.
Interior of a wishbox
Photo:Brian Pickford

The box is closed, suitable symbols and sigils are applied to the outside, in this case a bindrune. The symbols are finished in indian ink.

At this stage the Wishbox is cleansed and neutralized and made ready for the final stage.

Bindrune being applied to wishbox
Photo:Brian Pickford

From now on it is handled with gloved hands and does not come into direct contact with our practitioner.

The final act is to seal the Wishbox with a binding spell in wire and wax.

Finished Wishboxes are protected from strong light and negative influences.

Wishbox No 2

Unlike our wands, which are supplied "clear" without any energies or intent, a Wishbox is empowered and carries a specific intent or charge. If desired this may be augmented/dedicated by the recipient, either for his or her own use or for another if the Wishbox is intended as a gift or presentation.
It is important to note is that if the Wishbox is opened and the seals broken, the "Wish" or intent is lost forever.

We have a range of Wishboxes for:


Wishbox No 1
Wishbox No 2
Wishbox No3 Wishbox No 4 Wishbox No 5 Wishbox No 6
Weddings and Handfastings
Christenings and Blessings
to wish luck in a new job or venture
to wish for a safe journey or endeavor
for good luck and best wishes
to send goodwill to a sick friend

Generally a small stock of the above types is always available priced at £25 each.
Please see How to Buy or Online Purchase for details.

Wishboxes are supplied with a protective muslin bag
and explanatory notes.
Bullet point

A Wishbox can be specially prepared for particular occasions or circumstances - however this process takes at least nine days excluding delivery. If you have a special request please Contact Us with the details and we will be able to give an accurate timing.
Special Wishboxes are a little more expensive than our "Standard Product" - prices start at £30 but this may vary depending on the intended use (in the past we have used precious and semi-precious stones, gold and silver components). We are sensible about pricing but we hope that you will appreciate that a great deal of time and concentration goes into the creation of a Wishbox. We do not use any mass-produced blanks for these, each box is hand made and hand finished in our own studio. We do use printed panels and decorative features but these are designed and produced in our workshop. As with all the work that we do we are more than happy to discuss our methods and answer queries. Please feel free to Contact Us.
Please note that we are not at all embarrassed by money issues - if you have a particular budget, no matter how restricted - talk to us - we will be happy to work with you!


My name is Rospro. As always we are happy to discuss what we do and how we do it.
May you be happy, May you be well.
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