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We believe, but are quite likely to be mistaken, that this Cantrip has its roots in Scandinavia and came to us through the Viking Invasions. It has been a family tradition for as long as I can recall. Originally written on paper and burned, it was said to empower the wielder and specifically to "Make visible those things which are hidden". For many years it has been a "Token" of good fortune which was written in it's full form on paper or wood and burned in the chimney of a new house or business premises. (In the absence of a chimney an ashtray has often sufficed).

The "Nano" cantrip is most important to our work. As a group we tend to employ it to energise our endeavours and regularly use it as a traditional empowerment for our wands and staffs.

The full version is shown below. It is believed that chanting the declinations -ie: "Nanonidrinonal - Anonidrinonaln - Nonidrinonalna - Onidrinonalnan - etc." will imbue the chanter with second sight - the ability to see things that are hidden from normal sight.
We do not offer guarantees - for us the power of the Cantrip lies in the resonance of the sounds and the link to our ancient past. Try it!

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Nano Full Version


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