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Sator Square
We are great beleivers in the power of Magic Squares.
They make excellent Talismans and Amulets.
They can be engraved onto small lead plates which can then be nailed onto doorframes for luck and protection.

The Sator Magic Square is probably the most famous of all the Squares. It appears in Roman times and has been used as both a protective amulet and an empowering talisman throughout history since then. It is reputed to protect against witchcraft, extinguish fire and in certain circumstances will obtain whatever is wished for by the user.
It is possible that the square started life as a Christian charm - an anagram of the
Pater Noster. The repeated letters "A" and "O" representing Alpha and Omega may be a symbol for Christ.
We often like to use Runic characters in magic squares. For us this gives us a "step back" from the potential meaning of the words, which are often stretched to conform to some obtuse translation. We believe that these are not translatable into gramatical forms but hold a subtle power by the nature of their written essence on the page.

(On re-reading this I guess it might sound a little opaque. We feel that the very existence of the square is the most important element in all this. In the past we have used Roman Numerals in numerical magic squares for planetary influences,as well as arabic numerals. For us the square is the constant. It may be translated into many languages but retains its potency. I suspect that the mystery of the letters, words and numbers, reaches back to a time when most of the population were illiterate and likely inumerate as well, and would have had a superstitious respect of the written word.)

An example of the Sator Square is shown below.

Magregor Mathers interpreted the square as:
"The Creator, slow moving, maintains his creations as vortices."
- which is our favourite version perhaps because of its obscureness!
(also - shown at the bottom of this page is the "Milon" square, another favourite.)

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Sator Magic Square

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